Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Color me....Blonde...Or Red!

Voting Deadline is May 25th!  And remember we need a 50 person minimum if I am going to let y'all decide this for me. :)

In July I am joining a team of fellow photographers to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a very unique mission trip. In conjunction with Tuscaloosa Vineyard Community Church  and North River Baptist Church, we are going to spend a week helping victims of the 2011 'Mile Wide' tornado to make new photographic memories - many people lost all of their pictures in the devastation. The members of The Greater Cincinnati Fellowship of the Lens are mission oriented and are very excited to be making this journey.

Here is a description of what expenses we will need to cover on our journey.  Explore this whole website for all the information about the trip and see bios of all the participants.

As a fundraising effort I am offering up my hair for YOU to decide what color I will dye it for the summer and our trip to Alabama. For a tax-deductible donation (as low as $2!) toward our trip you can vote (as many times as you want to according to the donation amounts listed below) to answer the question:

Should Helen finally, really go a true platinum


or do a serious, no holds barred....


Here is the breakdown of how the donations and voting work

$2 donation = 1 vote
$5 donation = 3 votes
$25 donation = 10 votes

Our team has a  Pay Pal page where you can donate directly 

After you make your donation, by clicking the Pay Pal button at the bottom of this page, send an e-mail to me: dinahcal @ yahoo . com (without the spaces) and tell me:

1 - your confirmation number 
2 - the amount of your donation
3 - your vote/s 

The voting deadline is Saturday, May 4th.

PLEASE NOTE: There must be a minimum of 50 participants before I will turn my hair over to the masses to make such a big decision, so share this with friends! 

The color reveal will happen at our Fundraiser Dinner which will happen on June 7th. Details on location to follow on this blog as well as the MotleyCrewRescue blog linked above.

**If you prefer to pay by check, you can mail it to

Courageous Photography
966 Hawthorne Ave Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45205

Put "Mission Trip" in the memo line and include your vote/s on a separate piece of paper so our admin person knows that you are participating in the contest. 

THANK YOU for helping to bring new memories to the people of Tuscaloosa!! 

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